Monday, October 20, 2003

Puff Piece?

Is the Enquirer going soft on Damon Lynch? In this Greg Korte article we are led to believe there are two Damon Lynch's. One is an activist, one is a slick politician. Is there really a difference? Both claim to be "honest," but neither lives up to it.

I was looking for the big questions to be asked and answered. If elected will Lynch end his support for the boycott? If he will not, then how can anyone believe he is representing the entire city? Why do the revised Boycott A demands call for an "Afro-centric" curriculum to be established in city schools? How could that curriculum not be considered racist? What evidence does he have that there are "rapists" on the CPD? If he has no evidence, will he apologize for his letter claiming such?

How does a person who is supported by racists, plan on dealing with people of all races? How does a person who blames another race for the problems of his race expect to "bring the races together?"

These questions may have been asked, but they will not get any answers. Lynch is a politician with a blinded following who think he is the answer for an unnamed question.

UPDATE: Wes Flin comments on Lynch and the boycott.

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