Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Police Back Off, Enquirer Writes Horrible Headline

The police are stumbling all over themselves trying to back off their "great suspicion" that the corner market crime ring was linked to "terrorism." None of the local powers that be will come right out and eat crow:
Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen said the investigation is continuing, but there is so far no connection to terrorism. "If there are financial links to terrorists, they have not been established," Allen said.
I love the firm manner in which Mike committed to his answer: I know Noth-ing.

What was the headline writer (editor?) thinking when they wrote the headline - subheader combination of "Man free in theft ring case: Terror tie uncertain?" This combination leads one to believe that because the terror ties were "uncertain", he was set free. It creates the impression that the terrorism was the only charge. The man is free on bail, not freed because has been tried yet. The evidence against the crime ring I would bet is very damaging. Ken Lawson is of course involved. I have to ask the obvious. Is he trying to make a victim out of his client(s) from the "racist" police that assumed a terrorism connection. This faux victim hood is his plan for acquittal. Ken is going for a modified Chewbacca defense. Draw attention away from the facts of the case and zero in on the peacock strutting of the Police Chief and Prosecutor. Morons are easy dupes for a fake left, and we have plenty of morons here in Hamilton County.

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