Friday, October 24, 2003

A Daily, a Weekly, a Pocket full of Folly

A story on the Enquirer's new "Cin" has hit the Atlanta Journal-Constitution via the AP:
The Cincinnati Enquirer will start a separate, free weekly publication Oct. 29, offering young families and singles articles about travel, dining, music, health and careers.
As I said, it sounds like NBC's the Today Show in Print.

CincyNation, a quasi-log, is thinking about going from the web to the print world:
Cincinnati Nation is considering publishing a mini-daily newspaper that would be distributed free to workers heading home from the office. "It would be a four-page news sheet with all the day's news that affects Cincinnatians," said Richard Hines, who is no stranger to starting papers here. "People will no longer have to read day-old news in the Enquirer." He said a decision will be made later in the year, with a debut targeted for Spring 2004. Hines co-founded several weekly papers on the west side and two downtown papers including the Downtowner.
For a website that spews some of the most anti-Cincinnati rhetoric, it seems like a tall order to produce a print publication that will make money. What I want to know, how does he plan on distributing a paper in the afternoon with information that is any more up to day than the Cincinnati Post?

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