Saturday, October 04, 2003

Threats from "Evildoers" (UC)!

Rob Bernard quips: "The reason you don't invade Clifton is because UC didn't invade Oxford 12 years ago, lose, and promise to get rid of those plans in order to get Miami to stop shooting." Well Rob, "someone" did steal the "Victory Bell" for several years until it "magically" appeared again. Our intelligence has said, and I am sure Senator Mike DeWine will back me up on this, that it was member of the UC Cabal. The Bell is under threat, and we must crush that threat before something happens. We can't wait until next year's game, we must act now!

That leads me into what Rob did not address. Why couldn't we wait to go to war? Bush's claim was that we were under threat (I say imminent was the Administration talking point until they could not support the claim), and that we could not wait. We could not wait because Iraq was a threat, which as we now know what not true.

The bottom line, the only reason we could not wait to go to war was that Bush knew he could not fight one in an election year, and still get the credit for it without a Wag the Dog charge. We could have gone into battle this Fall with the entire world on our side and with a plan for the post-war. We also would not have had the 87 billion dollar bill to pay, or at least not nearly as big a one.

Why does this matter? Well, I am a person who does not believe the ends justify the means. Do I regret the ends? No, I am glad Saddam is gone. What I refuse to let happen is for George Bush to be praised for his actions and then reelected by an ill-informed and ignorant public. Now I of course have virtually no real influence beyond the small number of people who actually read my work, but I think I am part of a chorus that must sing and show that the President acted poorly, made political choice in the timing of the war, and seems willing to spin his "victory" into some grand battle that illustrates his "brilliance."

Now, are you with us (Miami) or with "them" (UC)? (cough, cough)

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