Friday, October 17, 2003

Pols and the Bikers Who Love Them, Part II

The Akron Beacon-Journal is reporting that Jerry Springer might consider a 2006 Governor's run in Ohio. This passage in the article is key to understanding the direction of Springer's comments is:
Springer said Thursday at the University of Akron that if he decides to run for governor, he will quit doing the Chicago-based syndicated show, which he called the "silliest show ever."
Jerry needs to quite his show now or at least after this season. Reports were this summer that he signed a 2 year contract. He can't go beyond that. He must quite the show and start campaigning, and try and regain some level of credibility. He could try and get WLWT News broadcasting gig again. They seem to attract politicians, or hopeful ones at least. The Democrats have no one on a state level to challenge the GOP at this point. What will be more interesting is how much of a battle will the GOP nomination be? If there is a blood primary fight, the Dems might have a chance.

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