Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Elkington Can Kiss His 100K GoodBye!

CityBeat had a story last week where Mr. Elkington reported made a few bigoted comments at an OTR luncheon:
Elkington and his boosters make much of his commitment to diversity -- African Americans own 35 percent of Beale Street businesses, according to Cranley. But at a recent Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Elkington told the crowd that years in development have taught him to never rent to a Chinese restaurant.

"If it's an inside joke to developers, we didn't get it," Charter Committee city council candidate John Schlagetter says.

Elkington says the comment was meant as a joke, but it's true that he doesn't rent to Chinese restaurants.

"I just made that a policy," he says. "Chinese businessmen are hagglers. They use different math."
That is just totally outlandish and outright racist. I wonder when he says "Chinese" if he means those from China or is he vastly ignorant and mean all Asians?

You know things hit the fan when the Cincinnati Enquirer actually refer to a CityBeat Article anywhere in there paper, let alone in an editorial:
Mayor Charlie Luken and Councilman John Cranley want to hire Elkington for $100,000 to make bigger things happen on OTR's Main Street. But we can't get there by offending more ethnic groups. Luken says he's been flooded with e-mails, and will talk to Elkington again. OTR offers opportunities for all private investors. The city needs to make 100 percent sure Chinese-Americans are as welcome as any.
The Enquirer does report that Elkington denies the CityBeat Quote were he calls Chinese businessmen "hagglers." Come on John, everyone knows Jews are the "hagglers", the Chinese are good at math, the Scotsmen are cheap as hell and won't invest a dime in OTR, and the Irish will drink anywhere you open a bar.

Oh, and yes....(Cough, Cough) on the last part, for all those keeping score.

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