Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's Ahead

Over the next few weeks, I hope to post on each of the ballot initiatives we'll see when we vote this year. There are five or six state-wide issues, as well as two proposals to amend Cincinnati's charter.

The most talked about of these are the casino plan, the payday lender reform proposal, and the local referenda on red light cameras and proportional representation. But there are a few others that haven't made many headlines.

To the extent anyone cares what I think, I'll be including with each post my view of whether the issue should pass. While I think I've made up my mind about most of these issues, I'm still very much up in the air on proportional representation. I'm emailing PR's backers for some additional information on the mechanism by which PR works (I understand it in its basic form, but I'm confused by how the redistribution of "over-votes" works.)

I'll also be staying away from national politics from now on, besides the extent to which the presidential race specifically impacts Ohio and/or Cincinnati. I don't think blogging the presidential race here is winning Griff many readers, and it seems to just trigger lots of comments from spammers.

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