Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last Night's Debate

Personally, I thought the debate was pretty much a draw and wouldn't change anyone's mind.  Of course, I'm perplexed by people who declare themselves to be "undecided" voters.  How can you not know which of the two candidates most reflects your values and policy judgments by now?

The professional punditry seems to agree about this being a draw.  Of course, the mainstream media probably wouldn't declare anyone a "winner" unless his opponent literally vomited down the front of his own suit during the debate, for fear of being accused of bias.

Then I found this clip from Fox:  their focus group of "undecided voters" had Obama as the clear winner.

Since most believe this first debate would be the toughest of the three for Obama, the reaction of the focus group is clearly a good omen for the Democrat.  And with so many states permitting early voting, the early debates may be the only ones that matter.

You can vote in Ohio beginning on Tuesday.

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