Saturday, September 06, 2008

Driehaus Blogger Meetup

I was able to rush order my passport and I am not sitting in the Front Porch Coffee House on the West Side. Wifi is working and the chicken salad sandwich is pretty good. I made this trip for a meet and greet with 1st District candidate for Congress Steve Driehaus. I'll try and update through out the event, but I'll give full report after.

Update#1: Steve started out with great introduction about himself and his background as to how it got into politics. He pointed out clearly that he no matter what Mrs. Palin might say, he is proud of having been a community organizer.

Update #2: The most interesting accept of Steve was that he came to this event directly from his kid's soccer game.

Steve's focus while in the statehouse was on community project and housing. Steve was originally asked in 2006 to run for congress by Rahm Emmanuel, but turned it down. He thinks now he should have said yes.

The Democrats has purchased a million dollars on behalf of him which will begin to air starting later this month.

Update #3: Should you exepect more from your Congressmen? That was Steve question about Chabot. Other than his hair, we couldn't say much about him. I didn't bring up the abortion issue, which Chabot is know for, but

Dreihaus believes the government can't allow FannieMae and FreddieMac fail, there is no other option.

Update #4: The complete and utter failure of diplomacy is one of the greatest failure of Bush Administration in the Iraq situation.

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