Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bumble in the Jungle

Well, the Bengals have fallen to 0-4, defying even my own meager expectations for the team. Daugherty's column sums things up pretty well. He argues for sitting the injured Palmer again next week, to make sure he's healthy and stays that way (since the team doesn't have much of a chance of stopping the Cowboys defense from getting to the quarterback). I'd go a step further: why risk Fitzpatrick, who may need to play for several more weeks? Let's see what Jordan Palmer can do.

The bad news? Things don't get any easier. The Bengals travel to Dallas next week, New Jersey (for the Favre-infused Jets, who put over 50 points on the scoreboard today) the following week, and then return to PBS to play the Steelers. Oh-and-seven has to be viewed as a real possibility.

The Cincinnati Bengals are now on the clock.

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