Monday, September 29, 2008

Downtown vs. OTR

If you were buying a condo or loft tomorrow (assuming you could find a bank willing to extend you credit prior to their reception of a 700 billion dollar bribe), where would you buy: Downtown or Over-the-Rhine? What are the advantages and drawbacks to each? If you were renting instead of buying, would your answer change?

The biggest, most obvious difference is probably cost: I expect people are paying less per square foot in OTR than in Downtown.

Obviously, I've chosen to rent downtown (in a building where I pay a shockingly low amount per square foot). Griff and Julie have bought in OTR. When (if) I buy, I'm more likely to buy a house, making either neighborhood an unlikely spot for me (unless I win the lottery--then I'll just buy Parker Flats, tear down a lot of interior walls, and make it my own downtown mansion).

What are your thoughts?

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