Thursday, September 04, 2008

Again Bronson Doesn't Get It

Well, once again an aging Baby Boomer fears that 18 year olds might do what he did 37 years ago. Well, if drinking at age 18 were to cause everyone to group to be as ignorant as Peter Bronson is, then I might be inclined to want to do away with drinking all together.

Drinking is not the issue. The deification of drinking so much so fast that you can't stand up is the problem. I drank at age 18, illegally (thank Zeus for the statute of limitations!!) and I am just fine. What I don't get is that on one hand Bronson is in favor of allowing 18 year olds to own guns. He trusts them with that responsibility. He's not against them driving, as far as I know. But, 18 year olds can't be trusted with booze. It just makes no sense. This was a veiled temperance movement that never got off the ground. If Peter fears abusive drinking, then two things are key, don't make drinking such a vice and educate kids to be responsible drinkers. If there were a passing-out-condoms type method (one as proven as condoms to help keep people safer but takes in the reality of life that) then that should be taught in High School. I guess if it ain't abstinence,however, Bronson is not going to educate you on it.

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