Sunday, September 07, 2008

Open Thread: Where To Find "The One" In Cincinnati

Kate of Kate's Random Musings has recently been discussing her pursuit of a potential significant other.  It's reminded me of a thread I've been meaning to offer up for a little while.

Where should one go in Cincinnati to meet people of the opposite sex?  (For that matter, where does one go to meet people of the same sex, if that is what one is looking for?)  Obviously, we all know the legend of the Hyde Park Kroger, and how the store pumps lots of pheremones through the air conditioning system, ensuring matches made while perusing the sushi.

I remember that a few years ago, lots of people were consternating over an alleged perception that Cincinnati is a tough place to be single.  I never bought into that.  But I'm curious:  where should single people, post-college and -grad school (but not yet old enough to be a forty-something divorcee) go?

Please post your thoughts in the comments.  If you found your significant other in Cincinnati, let us know where (we promise, we won't try to steal him/her, we just want to know where to find others like him/her).

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