Saturday, September 06, 2008

Big College Football Weekend

Two local schools have really, really big football games later today.

In the first, the Miami (OH) Redhawks take on the Big Ten's Michigan Wolverines.  Coverage of this nationally televised game begins at noon on ESPN2.  While the Wolverines aren't ranked this year, any time Miami placed against a BCS-conference school, it's a big game.  And while my heart is with the Bearcats, in the spirit of both intra-state and intra-blog unity, I'll be cheering for the Redhawks in the early game.  Because after all, beating back the forces of Michigan is the most important issue of our time, and we must put aside politics (and my distaste for J. Crew) and put our pride as Ohioans first.

In the second game, the UC Bearcats take on the Oklahoma Sooners, currently ranked fourth in the nation.  This is ABC's featured game this week, and coverage begins at 3:30.  There's no way to overstate how significant a win would be for the 'Cats.  They would beat a top-ranked opponent on a national stage--and Oklahoma is likely the toughest team they'll face this season, so it would pave the way for really, really high expectations for the remainder of the season.  

So....let's put our differences aside, come together, and cheer jointly for the 'Hawks and the 'Cats.  (After all, the better the two teams' records are, the more interesting the Battle for the Victory Bell will be on September 20!)

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