Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Speaking of a Negative Press

Newspaper headlines drive eye balls and is part of the game, but I honestly would like to know what editor wrote this headline: "Ohio lags in student success rating," and ask them to justify manipulating the story. Read the first couple paragraphs:
A nationwide study released today shows that Ohio is ranked 27th in the nation for its students’ chances for success – below the national average – and 10th in the nation for K-12 achievement – well above the national average.

Kentucky ranks 41st in the nation for chances for success and 34th for K-12 achievement.
If Ohio is lagging, what about Kentucky? Ohio maybe had mixed results or disappointing results, but to say we are lagging is a monumental bias that has no basis in fact and no clear purpose. Maybe the headline in the Kentucky Enquirer was different, but somehow I doubt it. Cut the Laziness!

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