Monday, January 22, 2007

Niche Enquirer

Ok, why does the tame, bland Enquirer have to target a publication to "Moms" when the rest of their publications pay tons of attention to mothers and children as it is? The problem with this site, it is not for Mothers, it is for Mothers who currently have young children. Where's the section for Mothers of 25 year olds? They are clearly moms too.

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  1. Hey Brian - I have to disagree. As a mother of two I think this could be a great site. I am always looking for people to chat with about what I am going through with my boys and looking to share tips on parenting or trying to find kid friendly places to eat. With regards to moms with children over 25 I think that with the forum option, those mothers could certainly post. I don't think that is restricted - at least at first glance.


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