Sunday, January 21, 2007

City Streetcars

The Enquirer Editorial board goes on and on about the concept of a streetcar system in the City, but they are worried about convincing people that we need them. Who are they worried about convincing? I think this quote answers my question:
But a new streetcar loop would require broad buy-in across this region. That's why it is important that the discussion be as broad, thorough and reasoned as possible.
We don't need the rest of the county or region to get this done and it will not get done if we have to rely on anyone outside the City. Unless this was a Street Car connecting Mason to West Chester, no one in Butler or Warren counties would do anything to help it. Non-City Hamilton County residents would have the same feeling about it. Leave it to the City and private sources to get this done. There is one cold fact around this area, if it doesn't affect you directly, then you don't care about it and won't fund it.

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