Sunday, January 28, 2007

She's a Gypsy, the Acid Queen

I made the trek out to Northside last night to check out a new place, the Gypsy Hut, located at Spring Grove and Dane. My attraction to this particular night has to with the band playing, the High and Low, almost as much as checking out a new venue. The band is becoming one of my new favorites of the hour. They have a mix of styles that give them a sound I really enjoy.

The show was good, but the atmospheres of the night were much more of the star. When we got there at about 11:00 PM we took a self guided tour of the place, which takes about 45 seconds, ending up in the main room, which is off to the left as you walk in the main door. It's a good sized room. While there I scanned the crowd looking for people I know or at least recognize from around. I saw no one I knew. I did see this odd looking fellow with straight shoulder length black hair and black Buddy Hollyesque glasses. I had to confirm with my friend that this indeed the bass player for the Greenhornes and Raconteurs, Jack Lawrence. The guitarist/singer for the Greenhornes and a former member were slated to be the DJs after the show. I honestly don't know if I could recognize the rest of either the Greenhornes or the Raconteurs, even Jack White not in costume. Jack Lawrence stands out. If the rest of the Greenhornes were there, I didn't know.

The Gypsy Hut is a nice dive. Pretty good selection of beers, there was no cover, and an interesting crowd of Northside/local music regulars makes for fun night out. Parking wasn't too bad, but there is only street parking in what is the edge of an industrial part of town. I spent a few moments watching a couple of trains drive by in the near distance while sitting by the front window. We had one of the only two tables in the front room, which is the place to be situated for watching the interesting hairstyles (blue feathers???, clothing choices (mostly rock-chic), and drunken flirting (not with or by me).

One of my friends described the image he first thought of when told about the new club in Northside. The image of a classic Pizza Hut building propped up on one side with a giant chicken leg is what came to mind. That might be a great graphic for the place to use, assuming they avoid the inevitable lawsuit.

The Gypsy Hut is a strong addition to the Northside Bar scene. It is a little bit of a hike away from the main hub on Hamilton Ave, but it may be the tipping point to establish the neighborhood as a rising locale for nightlife in Cincinnati.

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