Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Important News vs. Top News vs. Just Making Crap Up

I was very entertained by the many mistaken comments and posts about "Most Important News Stories of the Year" post on Sunday. Let me point out some of the fallacies and major misunderstandings people have raised and clarify several misrepresentations.
  1. This was not a post of the "Top" news stories of the year. This was list of stories I believe were the most important to the Cincinnati region.
  2. The Marcus Fiesel was tragic, sad, and horrible. It was way over-covered. It got national attention not because it was important, but because it was dramatic Most crimes like these always get lots of coverage because it sells more papers and gains more viewers.
  3. I'll stand by my belief that those who are pushing the crackdown on illegal immigrants are doing this based in part on bigotry/hate/racism. Why? Simple - How is this crime (not even a state crime) more important than trying to stamp out theft? How many theft crimes go unsolved every year in Butler County? Those crimes affect people directly. You can make the argument that they are "taking our jobs," but honestly if illegial imigrants can live off lower wages, do as good (often better) than their native counterpart, then why can't the American workers in those industries keep up? They aren't and I don't know why. Much can be blamed on employers manipulating the situation, but in most cases it is not the big corporations doing it, it is the middle and small companies who seem more willing to risk the crime for increase profits. As soon as the Butler County sheriff has solved all state and local crimes and done much to prevent more from happening, then maybe he should worry about Federal Crimes like this.
  4. The number of murders was over reported. It has no impact on us whether or not we broke a record. The difference in the number of murders from last year to this is is not significant. I did not say this was not news. It is just not an important issue to the community as a whole that we got 86 as opposed to 71 or 61. That is no solace for those killed, but I will say the hard truth, the vast majority of those killed where either selling or buying drugs or involved in other criminal acts. I did not say all and I am am not trying to demean the lives of innocent victims, but the numbers don't lie. Sure, you can throw up the names of the innocent people killed by scum bags, but that number is vastly less. Furthermore, just because there were innocents murdered does not mean the rest of us must quake and fear every time we walk outside, which is the real issue. No one needs to fear being murdered if they set foot inside Cincinnati. If you think that, you seriously need to change your thinking. I don't know how you could ever drive your car on the roads if you let the fear of getting into an accident guide you.
  5. Yes, it is a problem that so many people are being murdered, but that doesn't mean Cincinnati is not safe. I am basically restating #3 above in a different way, but there are two issues to focus on. The number of murders is horrible, none-the-less it is safe to come to Cincinnati. That is not a contradiction, that is an intellectual analysis of the issue, not an emotional analysis based on ignorance and sensational news reports mean not to inform but to make you need to watch (your life may depend on watching the news so stay tuned for the next three hours and we'll tell you why).
  6. Not all of my most important stories were all around positive. I acknowledged the death of Main Street and depending on your political preference, several stories could be positive or negative.
  7. News for Larry Gross: Bengal Matthias Askew was acquited of the charges.
I'll add more if more insane comments arise.

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