Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In Order to Live, You Must Jab an Ice Pick into Your Head

A common mentality that runs through many segments of the Cincinnati region is one that posits Cincinnati is so horrible, the only way to do anything to improve the situation is to level it and start over. This mentality comes from both sides of the political spectrum.

One side would like to just like to see the city die and either force all of the poor people to leave the area or take over the jobs that will open up once the illegal immigrants are rounded up.

The other side thinks Cincinnati is so backward that you either have to kick out all of the corporations or all the white people or all the non-smokers until you can have an inbred circle-jerk of merriment before starting an organic freshwater oyster collective so fertile that it will provide income to all of the remaining residents of the City. Since so few would remain, it might work until someone wanted to actually use electricity, take a shower, or flush the toilet.

If you like the City and its see potential to be a great city, you are attacked, as I have been by Larry Gross and the many personalities of his few commenters as well as many others commenters on this site.

This is something I find hysterical. I get called a cheerleader and am accused of having my head in the sand. Me, the guy who lashes out, who trusts few, who is a cynic about nearly everything I read or view. Yes, I do emphasize the positives. I am trying to be a counterweight. I am trying to see the beer stein half full (or in our case 2/3rds full) for a change.

Cincinnati's number one problem is attitude. Too many people think it sucks here. Most in that camp have lived here their entire lives and resent that for various reasons. Someone comes along and counters their preconceived notion of truth and that rubs the wrong way. I challenge their ignorance, their apathy, and I don't hesitate to try and knock the chip off their shoulder. What none have done so far is shown that they have any answers. They whine about this or bitch about that, pivot the blame else where, but don't say much constructive.

I'm going to work on another post detailing where many of my commenters and Larry Gross got my year end post wrong, and I hope to demonstrate how they are seeing what I wrote through a jaded prizm. Not that my words will improve their contextual reasoning skills, but it can't hurt.

Being constructive doesn't hurt. Killing the baby in the bathwater hurts on multiple levels. I'll try to make sure to improve my clarity, but I hope others will want to succeed instead of wallowing in pithy comments.

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