Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mallory Marches Against Iraq War

Mayor Mark Mallory is in DC today at the anti-war rally. Here's the press release:
Mayor Mark Mallory is attending a peace march in Washington, DC today. In DC for the Winter Meeting of the US Conference of Mayors, Mallory met up and marched with Councilman David Crowley and a delegation of over 100 Cincinnatians. The Cincinnati delegation was organized by the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center, located in Over-the-Rhine. The group of citizens from all over the Cincinnati area traveled overnight on two buses to participate in the peace rally and march.

“I am here today with to support our troops and to stand up and say enough is enough. It is becoming increasingly clear that the situation in Iraq is not getting any better. I do not believe that putting more of our brave men and women in harms way is the best idea at this point,” Mayor Mallory said. “This war is draining resources from our cities around the country that we desperately need. We need those resources to keep our cities vibrant, healthy, and safe.”
It should be a who's who among national progressive politicos.

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