Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wulsin Leading Schmidt

Another Poll has Dr. Wulsin leading Jean Schmidt in the race for the Ohio 2nd, 48% to 45% (7 % undecided) This is within the MOE (4%), but if Jean is not getting 50% in the rest of the polls for this race, she is seriously in trouble.

If Wulsin takes this seat, I think most people would agree the Dems will gain 40 Plus seats. This race is one the GOP shouldn't have to worry about at all. It is a clear sign that the Independents have shifted this time around in large numbers. They are fickle, but they appear to be leaning Dem. Wulsin may still lose, but most GOP office holders in the 2nd are going to lose votes this time around.

[Via Kos]

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