Thursday, November 30, 2006

Downtown Living to Boom?

The Post is reporting that development is in the works to build a Condo/Retail/Parking high rise at Fifth and Race streets Downtown. This is huge news! The proposed 15 to 20 story building would fill an empty eye score and put up a YP centered development that would give a shot into the arm of Downtown that will drive the Fountain Square area to new heights. If this building gets off the ground and keeps its market target in focus, then the sky is the limit. Downtown living has been rising for quite some time now, but if they put affordable Condos for a wider YP demographic, then development may enable a Downtown revival beyond anyone's hopes.

Yea, I am optimistic on this, and we are a long ways from it becoming a reality. The key to a Downtown revival has always been having a real neighborhood of residents. Make it easier for people to live downtown, and they will want to work and play downtown.


  1. I ain't holdin my breath....

    It doesn't stand a chance and besides why bother they didn't even have to evict anyone....guess this section doesn't need "gentrified"

  2. I think that "boom" was really a gunshot!

    I'm not moving from Washington Park Place yet

    Be interesting to see how this materializes err dissipates

  3. I stumbled across this blog while googling around about downtown Cinci. I'm moving there Jan 2nd (4th street) and am really excited about it. Not sure if you are familiar with Columbus but I currently live in the Short North area near downtown. When I first visited Cincinnati, the only area (besides Mt. Adams) that sparked any interest for me at all was downtown. Everyone kept telling me about Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout but it really didn't seem like there was much going on in either place. Anyway, I will cut my ramble short and just say that this new project would be yet another place within walking distance of my new apartment. If it doesn't happen there is still a ton of stuff to do in the area.


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