Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cincinnati Fed Up with the GOP?

The numbers for both the 1st and 2nd district indicate that Cincinnati is not voting for the GOP in the numbers that the past would indicate.

Good old CW would say that the polls are wrong. Well, one poll maybe, but there are far too many polls showing Cranley up and any poll showing Wulsin has to be a sign that the GOP has lost support. Much of that support may not be gone for any significant length of time, but this election people want change.

The question that remains is how far down the food chain will this trend run? Will it hit the statehouse? Will Brinkman feel the bite? Logic I feel says no. Hardcore Brinkman supporters are likely to vote against Jean Schmidt in a protest vote, but will vote for Brinkman as well, splitting their ticket. Will ticket splitting be the norm or will people vote by party?

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