Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why Not Annex the "First Suburbs"?

Chris Bortz and Pat DeWine are making efforts to mix City and County services. This smells a lot like the first step in the dissolution of the County's municipalities. If places like St. Bernard, Elmwood Place, and Norwood are in trouble, then why don't they ask the City of Cincinnati to annex them and take advantage of the cost savings in that manner?

What I fear here is the anti-government forces out there trying to make Hamilton County into one big Township and a government with no teeth to do anything.

I would consider a metro type government that created a county wide city. That entity would have an even partisan stance, if not a slight edge for Republicans. That might suck on certain levels, but it would be one where the government would still have the structure to allow a city to function.

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  1. It will never happen cause they wouldn't be able to use the standard:

    The City: "It's the county's fault theres no development on the river"

    The County: "It's the city's fault theres no development on the river"

    And who would take responsibility for :running" the homeless off from under the bridges, sell another mission/shelter for yet "another" luxury condo......


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