Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An End to the Sheriff's Patrol of OTR?

The County may be playing the same game as the Mayor's office, but the expectations are that the budget to be submitted ends the program that paid for the the Sheriff's patrol in Over-the-Rhine.

All the impressions I get are that OTR is better off. With violent crime spreading out to other neighborhoods, there is circumstantial evidence that this effort has worked to clean out some of the crime in OTR.

I hope that Pepper and Portune pull a Mallory and rescue this program. Hell, DeWine wants it to continue as well.

1 comment:

  1. 1. OTR couldn't have gotten much worse.

    2. There was a "noticeable" difference during daily commute(s) thru the area when the patrols first started, then back to the "usual" when the routine was figured out or they got their "tip" that the cops were "rollin" thru

    3. Until people take responsibility for their own community/neighborhood/whatever ya wanna calls it, any "fixes" are temporary at best

    4. but at "least" there was some appearance at least of the City and County actually working (though not whole heartedly) together on something.

    5. back to #2.......


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