Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bronson: Van Go I Ain't

In what can best be described as a column by numbers, Peter Bronson has made it clear he is artistically tone deaf. Here's his formula for his mendacity:
  1. Make a trite "Elvis-on-velvet" quip, like he did here and here.
  2. Criticize a Play you have never seen. It's not the first time, and likely will not be the last.
  3. Create a false premise by claiming the police budget was being cut by restoring funding for the arts, which it wasn't.
  4. Finish off by slamming downtown, yet again, then get out the paper (aka more cops dogma) to cover up the crime problem.
If Peter Bronson could think beyond his bible, his gun holster, or his pocket book, he might see art beyond his broken car radio that is stuck on 93.3FM. There is something to act of thinking. Thinking in a manner that stale minds don't want to try to understand is what artists try and do. People like Peter Bronson always complain about art, no matter how its funded, but fear the effort and the change that may come from thinking in a new way. Art is about expressing ideas, ideas that exist to make the viewer/listener/reader think in a new way. I go downtown to see art and I challenge Bronson, again, to see the art before he attacks it, but I will not miss him if he chickens out.

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