Thursday, November 09, 2006

Smoking Ban Wins

December 7th is the day the ban goes into effect. Will this hurt bars in Cincinnati and Ohio? One bar owner says it hasn't hurt him yet:
Nick Sanders, owner of five restaurants locally, including the Pub at Crestview Hills Town Center in Northern Kentucky, Nicholson's downtown and the Pub at Rookwood Commons in Norwood, said he will be watching closely. He owns a restaurant in Lexington, which enacted a smoking ban in 2003, and said that law didn't change sales much.
In the short run, there may be some problems, but I don't know about the long term. Thoughts? Will an outdoor patio now become the norm for a bar?


  1. Not even reading any of the other comments, but from experience in other cities that have enacted the same "we (the government) know whats best for everyone" law, the rate of restuarants/bars closing increased by 25%+.

    Whats next, I can't have a beer or a cig on my front porch because it might har,/influence someone walking by on the street......

    Or because I am in a public parking lot in my car with the windows rolled up but I am parked within 30 ft of the "entrance{" I can't smoke....

    Its COMPLETE BS...and an excuse for them to "spend" more $ we'll have more Police writing tickets for smoking instead of patrolling the streets...good thing Cincy put those extra 100 cops on the force a few months ago...they musta been bored with nothing to do

  2. It will be nice to walk into a resteraunt and not have all the stench in the air from someone elses cigarette or cigar . If a smoker could put a jar on their head and contain the smoke to themselves there would be no problem . There is nothing worse during a great meal than to have someone at the next table light a roll of leaves and paper and begin blowing it all over the people and food in the area . What if the non smoking table got out a can of Lysol and began spraying it into the air ? WOuld anyone complain ?
    Keep your smoke to youselves , off my clothes and hair and out of my lungs and eyes .

  3. If you don't want restaurants to allow smoking, don't spend your money there. It's none of the government's concern if a business owner wants to allow patrons to smoke. Simple capitalism, rather then moralistic laws, should decide the matter. If enough people don't want a business to allow smoking, the lack of profits would force it to shut down.


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