Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2 Precincts Missing

The Enquirer and BOE seem to be making this into no big deal, but two precincts in the City of Cincinnati have not been tallied and are missing. The article indicates that that the BOE states these missing votes won't affect the results of any races. That is true only if these are part of OH-1, not OH-2. 13-H is in North Avondale and Precinct 6-B in Downtown. I am pretty sure 6-B is in OH-1, but not sure about 13-H.

At this early hour no other reports were online concerning the missing precincts. If this was something as simple as the poll workers locking up the poll location without turning in the votes, then that is understandable (someone should be banned from working the polls), but if not, when does the BOE call the police? What cause much concern is that there are two locations not near each other.

If this was an error at the BOE, then I hope they stayed to account for the vote before they went home. The BOE should not sleep if it is possible anyone's vote could have been literally stolen.

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