Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Ruling Opens Door For Another Klan Christmas Cross
Greenwood won the case, and he gets the blame for any Klan cross that appears. This case has two odd parts. I agree with banning all religious displays on the square, but the "Christmas Tree" is in my opinion a secular symbol related to a religiously based holiday. The Christmas tree is based on a Pagan religious tradition and it is not part of any of the religious dogma of Christianity. The cross, on the other hand, is clearly a religious symbol along with the menorah.

I think another element of the case covered banning a man from dressing as Santa Claus and handing out information about a homeless shelter. This in my opinion is clearly a protected freedom of expression. WCPO's version of the story.

Follow-up: Dan Horn from the Enquirer responded to my inquiry regarding his article in my post below. He is not sure, nor I am, as to whether this lawsuit was supported and/or paid for by the ACLU. The impression Greenwood gave yesterday on WLW was that it the ACLU was at least supporting it. Since the local homeless group was added, I would imagine that the ACLU was on board with Greenwood’s actions.

UPDATE: The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a stay on the ruling in this case, keeping the City Ordinance in effect.

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