Sunday, November 24, 2002

Cincinnati's hysteric collaborative agreement
Bronson is the Revisionist du jour:
Jimmy Carter. His Nobel Peace Prize-winning failures in the Middle East and North Korea are nothing compared to what he could do to Cincinnati. When he's done, the boycotters will have nuclear weapons.
Peter still is pissed about the fixed rate mortgage he got in 1979. He must not be smart enough to have learned about refinancing. Get over your Carter bashing Peter, the man is a peace maker. There has not been a war between Eqypt and Israel since 1973 in large part due to Carter's influence over the Camp David Accord. I bet Pete is still pissed about the Panama Canal too. His fears of a Chinese take over of the Istmus are going to give him a heart attack. Huggins would surely get another one if he got involved with this mess. He should stick to coaching his prison basketball team.

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