Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Fountain holiday displays on trial
Funny thing missing from this article: where isn't the ACLU mentioned? Scott Greenwood, the attorney representing the plaintiffs who are challenging the City ordinance is the lead local lawyer for the ACLU. The ACLU may not officially endorse this case, but I thought Greenwood generally only took cases that would be supported by the ACLU. Greenwood was on WLW today with Cunningham about the Adams county 10 commandments lawsuit. Willie's callers seem to be dumber than even Adams county dirt. It was like hearing a Green Stamp trading convention keynote speaker. Greenwood mentioned this lawsuit, so I assume it has the full support of the ACLU. The terms he spoke of regarding the merits of the Fountain Square lawsuit sounded like generally traditional ACLU stances. I am still perplexed as to why the ACLU involvement would not be mentioned in the Enquirer Article. I will email the reporter and ask.

UPDATE: WCPO's story on this issue does not tie Greenwood to his ACLU position, but mentions the KKK-Fountain Square case was made by the ACLU, which in fact was Greenwood's case.

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