Saturday, November 23, 2002

Fight for Commandments
It is nice to see that my congressman has come out of the closet and declared himself a theocratic fascist:
Portman said he appreciated the work of those dedicated to making "our nation, our state and our communities more God-centered.''
If Portman wants to make his life "god-centered" that is fine and dandy, but to try and make his religion the focus of the this community, this state, and the entire nation is nothing but the goal of theocratic fascism. A majority rules religion is not constitutional, no matter how much the theocrats try and force in on everyone. The stone tablets must go and must go now. The intent of the ministers and school officials in Adams County was to establish a community religion. Anyone of those fighting for the religious display that claims otherwise is lying. In case they forgot, lying is something those stone tablets forbids. I guess a lie in the defense of theocratic fascism is no vice, or sin in this case.

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