Sunday, November 24, 2002

Decision doesn't silence supporters
If the decision is made by the school board to remove the tablets, he said, "don't let them do it in the dead of night. Make sure the media is there to see it."
For the religious zealots in Adams county this all about getting attention for their religion. It is about promotion of their religion using the public schools. It is not about freedom it is about submission to a theocratic movement of religious thugs.

This article is also totally one sided. Maybe that occurs because this county has caused all dissenters to clam up and not speak out to the press. Religious oppression is not some myth in rural areas. Running people out of town on a rail is a cliché, but it is based on reality. Anyone who disagrees with what these religious people have done is at risk of being "shun" by the community if they don't conform. This is the exact reason why separation of church and state is such a vital principle for the nation. If the church can't stay out of the state, then the state should start getting into the church's business and take about tax-free status.

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