Tuesday, November 26, 2002

CityBeat: Porkopolis "Turn the Mall Into an Anti-War Rally" (near bottom)
Greg Flannery writes about an anti-war protest slated for December 21, 2002 where "activists plan to invade shopping malls across the country to disallow business as usual and tell consumers, ‘Stop the buying! Stop the dying!’" Their goals include making some insane leap that the US over consumption leads to international violence. Under consumption could lead to just the same international violence. In reality international violence is going to happen no matter what the US does or does not do. This group is just another bunch of fringe anti-capitalist transnational progressives, or in other words, modern communists.

I call them modern communists because they use the same rhetoric as a Stalinist would use, but they seem to embrace small-scale capitalism. They like a small coffee shop, or vegan cafe, but they hate corporations of any type. City Beat gives these kids too much attention. City Beat is not void of capitalism, and if these kids were to understand anything about simple capitalism, they would not cry about it so much. I understand why they don't trust corporations and Bush's whoring for said corporations, but they are so far out of touch that they go off the deep end with their ideas and their rhetoric. Yes, the Iraq conflict is partially about Oil and economic interests. Every war is about that to some degree. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Gulf War I, and even Kosovo had at least economic overtones to them. One of the National interests of the US is the economic interests of Americans. Money, wealth, and power matter to life. Giving up money, praying to Buddha, and becoming vegan will not stop bad things happening in the world. There will always be someone who is poor. Will it be their fault they are poor? Sometimes yes, sometimes partially yes, and sometimes no.

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