Saturday, November 02, 2002

Miami U: Free Bill O'Reilly
Where do I start? A list will have to do.

  1. I graduated from Miami University in 1994 and in my four years we never had cable in our dorm rooms, let alone the dorm at all. We only had cable at the student union (The Res).

  2. Fox News is fair and balanced amongst 3 groups: neoconservatives, neolibertarians, and paleoconservatives. Everyone else gets little coverage, which usually is negative.

  3. Fox News is just talk radio with pictures.

  4. Economics major Aaron Sanders, who was quoted in the column, is the chairman of the Miami chapter of College Republicans, so his opinion is not biased?

  5. Where is Bronson’s fair and balanced reporting? Why is he not calling for Miami to “Free Phil Donahue?” According to his column the Miami cable system does not have MSNBC either.

  6. CNN does not have a liberal political bias. It has an intellectual bias.  CNN is not geared toward the anti-intellectual Bill Cunningham fan. CNN is more sophisticated, or rather it used to be until they started to go for the ratings by appealing to the lowest common denominator, and now their quality is falling.  It still is not down to the tawdry (yet pious) level of FOX, but it is on it’s way. For the record, MSNBC is generally crap too.

  7. Why should Bronson even want to encourage college students to watch TV in the first place?  If you want intellectual political content, the print media is the only place you will find it.  Bronson can’t complain about the “liberal” print media with the abundance of the right-wing newspapers, political magazines, and the dominance of the Blogosphere by the right-leaning moderates.

  8. Calling Miami professors in general "liberal" is basically a lie.  I would bet the Business school professors are at best 20% “liberal”, while 80% are moderates or conservatives. The rest of the university would most likely be maybe 50% liberal at a maximum.  The key here is that the business school, of which I attended, comprised of at least 25% of all students up to maybe 33%.  Calling Miami a liberal school is like trying to call Xavier a Baptist school.

  9. Also, anyone who watches Bill O'Reilly’s show a few times knows the guys “spins” the issue before his argument begins. He has his plot line laid out of what he is going to grill his guest on, blocks the guest from saying anything he thinks is incongruent to his preconceived notion of “truth”, which is as objective as smudged ink blots.

  10. Bronson should not be fooled. $1,750 could easily be paid by the College Republicans, one of the Miami Frats, or hell, get Mike DeWine to cough up the dough.

Peter should be happy as a peach with Miami. It is most conservative public university in the state. It has one of the biggest College Republican clubs in the country, certainly one of best funded too. Miami is no Bob Jones University however, so I guess that is what gets Peter's lion cloth in a bunch.

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