Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Boycott backers: Bruce is hypocrite
Mike McConnell points out that the lyrics to the song in question is not a song that really fits they boycotter's "cause." The song is a lament that you must make sure you act in a way to avoid being killed. The lyrics do indicate sorrow and trepidation that such a situation exists, but to call Springsteen a hypocrite is a factitious argument of a desperate group. The BUF is and has been attempting to puff up their situation to that of New York or Los Angeles, but the analogy is a malevolent attempt at gaining national attention. The boycott was established for the express purpose of extorting money from the City of Cincinnati and local Businesses. The underlying police-community relations that were the alleged basis for the boycott are being addressed by the CAN commission and the Collaborative Agreement. I wonder if the boycotters will protest Bruce and how many racial slurs will he be called during said protest. Maybe I should start a pool.

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