Friday, March 26, 2010

Tea Party Distances Itself From Driehaus Protest

Since we're quick to criticize the Tea Party, I thought we also need to point out when they do the right thing. The Cincinnati Tea Party today issued a statement in opposition to the protest planned at Steve Driehaus's home. A Tea Party spokesman asks its members not to even go past the protest out of curiosity. (Hat tip: Politics Extra Blog.)

I think we'll see the Tea Party act more and more responsibly as its members move from the role of protester to that of politician. Several Cincinnati Tea Party members are on the ballot to join the HamCo GOP Central Committee, and Mike Wilson is seeking the GOP nomination for the Ohio House seat currently occupied by Connie Pillich.

While there are few issues about which I agree with the Tea Party, I respect that they've brought people into the political process who have not previously been there. (Didn't many of us praise Barack Obama for the same thing two years ago?) As the movement matures, it'll be interesting to see it progress from a loose coalition of people raising their voices during town hall meetings to an organized group accomplishing political objectives. Condemning a Sunday protest outside a legislator's personal residence is a step in the right direction.

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