Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Solution to Ending the Violence Starts From Within

In the Enquirer article about the reaction of City Officials to the recent up-tick in violence the key to ending wide spread violences starts from within the communities suffering from them. Two paragraphs sum this up. First from Robin Moore, who lost her son in September of 2007:
Moore spoke about the code of silence that keeps people quiet while killers roam the streets freely. She spoke of the agony of losing a son. She spoke of the company she has with other mothers dealing with homicides, both the solved and the unsolved.
That's followed up from City Manager Milton Dohoney:
“The bottom line is this: Our community police will react when the call is made,” said Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney, adding that it takes more than that just police reacting to street violence. “This problem will only get better when the community decides to make it so.”
Religious leaders can preach peace, which is at best a long term attitude changer. The police can and will do their jobs and investigate the crimes. The solution is within the community: 1)turn in the criminals. 2) Listen to the pastors and teach the youth that violence is not a normal way of social interaction.

No one has said that the recent increase in murders and shootings are connected to the drug trade. It usually is. This type of spike seems like a gang war over turf or juvenile slights. Breaking the criminal gangs should be and I think is a focus of law enforcement. Another solution to help end type of violence would be to legalize drugs. That's a long way off and likely just as big of a hurdle to get over as finding a solution within the affected community, but both need to be sought.

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