Monday, March 29, 2010

Cecil Thomas Thumbs His Nose at Democrats

There are many basic rules you need to follow when running in a contested Democratic primary. One of those rules is don't make appearances at extreme right-wing groups' candidate forums.

Why is this bad? Well, lets start with the obvious: look at the groups sponsoring this event!
Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, COAST, the Cincinnati Tea Party, Family First, Citizens for Community Values Action, Warren County Right to Life, Ohio Liberty Council and Americans for Prosperity.
These aren't even remotely moderate groups, this is the FAR RIGHT-WING of Cincinnati and the Country's politics. The only groups to the right are going to be the Militias and the white supremacist groups (yes often one in the same).

99% of the people who attended the COAST Candidates Form were not Democrats. Therefore they will not be voting in the Democratic Primary in May. In November these same people are not going to vote for a Democratic candidate, at all. It is just a waste of resources and time to attend this event. Instead, go after your base! Is Thomas presuming he will get the black vote? That may be a reasonable presumption, but will he get the turnout from the black community he will need? Why not spend some time, maybe a Wednesday evening, working on getting voter turnout in traditionally black neighborhoods.

Instead Thomas is courting the Conservative vote. He's quoted as making a bad joke about him being Christian will be enough for the attendees to vote for him. I don't suppose a Democrat might not like seeing him making jokes at an event that includes speakers attacking Rep. Steve Driehaus, at the same time he's getting threats.  It is insulting.  It shows his lack of dedication to the primary.  It is a clear sign that he does not understand the basics of running a political campaign.  Thomas thinks he's running for City Council, but needs to find out that his not going to get the Westside Conservative votes in the Democratic Primary.

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