Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Enquirer Loves It Some GOP Talking Points

The Enquirer's Editorial on health care reform from Tuesday is nothing more than a restatement of every GOP Talking Point on the current bill. I mean using "arrogant" in the title was the dead give away, but including "negotiated behind closed doors" and "sham" are just to obvious. It goes on to get worse.

They cherry pick poll questions about how people feel about health care, not new. Everyone can find a poll question or combination of answers to a poll question to fit their opinion.

This editorial is bad, I would be embarrassed if I worked there. This is political spin about as bad as I've seen. It was as if a journalist didn't even write this at all. It comes off as PR, not an editorial.

I find it arrogant of the Enquirer or Gannett, or who ever wrote this attack editorial to think that we don't see the political bias at work. We understand that newspapers have opinions, but why can't they do more than just spout one side? We have enough of that on FOX News. We have a conservative newspaper here in Cincinnati, but why does he have to so often be a lap-dog of the GOP on national issues?

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