Saturday, March 06, 2010

Main Street Making A Comeback?

As has been announced elsewhere, the space formerly occupied by Jefferson Hall has found a new tenant: Jack Potts Tavern. While Jack Potts' official grand opening isn't until April 2nd, the bar had its "soft opening" last night, just in time for Bockfest. Jack Potts will, I think, remind most people of the old J-Hall. Its grand opening will feature a performance by the Polecats (who, I suspect, will be regulars on stage there). I celebrated Bockfest at Jack Potts last night, and am pleased to report that the place was packed most of the night.

We also know that Neon's is coming back. And I now hear rumors that a new pizza place will open in the old Harry's Pizza space.

I don't know that we'll ever see Main Street return to its former peak. I'm not sure how many people want that, anyhow. (How many times can anyone over 23 actually go to a place like Bar Cincinnati, after all?) But it seems to be returning as a legitimate entertainment district again.

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