Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CityBeat's Best of Cincinnati is Out

I really wonder who reads CityBeat sometimes, but I am totally amazed at who votes for the Reader's Picks in the Best of Cincinnati Issue now on-line. Who is voting for the Rusty Griswolds as the best local band? Seriously, who are they? I would like to invite them to Fountain Square this Summer on a Friday night to hear good local bands.

I will ask CityBeat to please create a best Cover Band category for next year's issue so we can try and avoid a repeat of this year's travesty.

I do have to wonder, how many email address does 700WLW's Scott Sloan have? Does he buy them in bulk or did he just hire a hacker?

Another question: can we have another new category? Something like Bar owned and run by the largest collection of Douche Bags would work. Cadillac Ranch would win hands down.

I'm surprised Cadillac Ranch got high rankings in so many categories, with it's lack of respect for events CityBeat sponsors, but then I remember the large collection of Douche Bags running that place, and the vote totals make sense. Douche bags lack good judgment and musical taste, but still know how to surf the web.

Read it in print tomorrow for all the rest.

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