Friday, March 26, 2010

Jim Schifrin Is Still An Ass

If you read Jim Schifrin's Wistleblower newsletter then you were already aware that he is an ass. I say that without trepidation, seriously, the guy is an old fart who insults people every day and writes offensive stuff that is meant for 80 year old men at 150-year-old run down barbershops. He of course goes above an beyond his usual horrible actions with the publication of the home address of Rep. Steve Driehaus.

Schifrin's newsletter (does the guy not know what a blog is?) is the epitome of the junior high mindset that seems to be pervasive with a large portion of conservative men. If they knew who Bevis and Butthead were, they might get the simple fact that what they think is funny now stopped being funny when you reach age 17. It would behoove them to grow up.

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