Thursday, November 13, 2008

Speaking of Food

It shouldn't be suprising that the Freestore Foodbank will be in high demand over the next two months. The Enquirer reports that they're predicting record demand.

For what it's worth, you don't have to donate actual food items; the Foodbank has a virtual food drive where you can donate cash based on what items you'd give had you actually gone to the store.

It seems there ought to be a way for all of the local blogs to have some sort of contest to see who can raise the most money and food for the Foodbank. I'm still thinking about how that would work and what the prize would be (other than bragging rights). For the time being, I'll be satisfied by challenging every other Cincinnati blogger to link to the Foodbank's virtual food drive on their blogs.

And if you're stuck deciding between an "Obama Victory" T-shirt and a donation to the Foodbank, go for the Foodbank. Barack will understand.

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