Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cincinnati 28, Pitt 21

Everything's coming up oranges. (Except the winner of next week's game.)

O Cincinnati, magic name
I proudly to the world proclaim
No sweeter word e'er charmed my ear
None to my heart was e'er so dear;
A fountain of eternal youth,
A tower of strength, a rock of truth.

Varsity, dear Varsity
Thy loyal children we will be.
Thy loyal, loyal children we will be!

Coach Kelly has got to teach his guys (and our fans!) how to finish games, but another great win for the program!

At least one Cincinnati team has a shot at playing in January! (And if you watched ESPN-2's coverage, you learned that Bootsy Collins has apparently jumped on the Bearcats bandwagon. I just hope he doesn't write them a song that we have to listen to....)

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