Monday, November 10, 2008

Air Travel Bleg

I'm starting to think about making the trek to visit my parents for Christmas. (The really nice thing about having parents who live in Florida is that when you visit them, well, you're in Florida. Awesome in December. Not so great in July.)

Since we all know that CVG is the most expensive airport in the United States, I've been thinking about flying on a lower-cost carrier from Dayton or Lexington. And that leads to my question: does anyone have any recent experience flying on AirTran they could share in the comments?

All I know about AirTran is that they're the successor company to ValuJet. Valujet, of course, went out of business in the mid-90's after one of their planes practically exploded. I had travelled on that airline--on the same route as the flight that went down--about a week before that tragedy, and vowed I'd never travel ValuJet again (my own experience had been horrific, involving a delayed flight and a broken cabin door), and have thus far imputed that pledge to AirTran. I'm wondering if it's time to rethink that, given the really low rates you can get from Dayton.

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