Monday, November 03, 2008

Report On Early Voting

A reader, Katie, emails in this front line report on early voting today:
Hey Brian,

I just waited nearly 3 and a half hours to early vote at 824 Broadway in Cincinnati, Ohio,

What was amazing was that the vast majority (I would say 80-90%) of the people in that line were either: A..under 30 or B. African American. The line was practically an Obama rally. Obama volunteers handed out candy, apples, water and even cheeseburgers from McDonalds and Burger King. They had megaphones and at points during the wait the almost everyone in line was either cheering or chanting for Obama. Volunteers handed out Obama stickers, fliers and window decals. I didn't see a single McCain volunteer or receive a single McCain flier.

It would appear that the McCain team is limiting where they are sending volunteers in Hamilton County. One would think they might want to have a presence at the only polling place open in the entire county. Based on this report, they may have been wise in doing something else.

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