Monday, November 24, 2008

CEAs Kicked Ass!

Last night's Cincinnati Entertainment awards were one of funnest events I've ever attended in Cincinnati. As an avid local music fan it was invigorating to weave around a mob of Cincinnati's best musicians to get to the Por-O-Lets. The pre-show had a totally fun and dare I say really fucking cool vibe. I mean the Fairmont Girls doing live fashion commentary (the Trashies) that was beamed to the big screen inside the theater, you can't beat that. They added a charm that was part Cincy Charm, part New York snark, part Hollywood, part out right friendliness. They were having fun and treating the people coming inside as both real people and as something this city needs to understand better: as cool.

The performances were great. Bootsy's band rocked and the James Brown emulator did this move I almost can't describe. He went to a head stand, legs straight up in the air, and using his arms slid across stage ON HIS HEAD in what I could best describe as an upside-down moonwalk. The audience gasped in glee when he did that. I admit, I gasped in glee mostly, but I wasn't the only one!!

The local bands were exceptionally good: Sundresses (I final got to see them live!), Eclipse, and the Seedy Seeds. All three won an award by the way.

The show ended with Ralph Stanley. When he did O' Death there wasn't a sound other than his voice audible in the entire Emery Theater. Even the people at the bars in the back went quiet. I don't know of a more haunting and thrilling sound I've heard in a very long time. Ralph is getting old and it showed, but the crowd really had fun. People really did Banjo. I can't explain why, but they just do. I think Steve Martin did a bit on the Banjo. You just can't do much that is depress on the Banjo, it is either happy or a pickin' fire.

Also, great job by the video team. With the combination of the pre-show and the affects during the show, it was really classy, in an MTV Video Music Awards type of way circa 1994.

The pizza at the after-party at the Know Theatre from Dewey's really hit the spot. I didn't make it upstairs for the Trashies, so I don't know who won, although the lead singer for the Lions Rampant pulled up next to me at the bar with a small toy doll, so I think he might have one a runner-up prize. He is definitely going for the Kurt Cobain strain of rock-persona/style

Here is more from CityBeat, which included the list of winners:
Bluegrass - Rumpke Mountain Boys
Blues - Sonny Moorman Group
Country - The Turkeys
Experimental/Electronic - Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar
Folk/Americana - Jake Speed and the Freddies
Hard Rock/Metal - Foxy Shazam
Hip Hop - Eclipse
Indie/Alternative - The Seedy Seeds
Jazz - Faux Frenchmen
Punk/Post Punk/Hardcore - Knife the Symphony
R&B/Funk - Daughters and Sons
Rock - 500 Miles to Memphis
World Music/Reggae - Super Massive
Singer/Songwriter - Kim Taylor
Best Live Act - Foxy Shazam
Best Musical Ambassador for the City - Bootsy Collins

New Artist of the Year - Daniel Martin Moore
Album of the Year - The Sundresses
Artist of the Year - Seabird

Here's more from Mike Breen.

Also, here's a video by Cameron Knight of CityBeat with an audio/photo montage that if you listen carefully, you will here me speak, with my trademark stutter (ugh!).

UPDATE: More from Anna Mae at

UPDATE #2: For full Fairmont Girl Trashies coverage, hit their blog.

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