Saturday, November 08, 2008

Cincinnati 26, West Virginia 23

O Cincinnati, magic name
I proudly to the world proclaim
No sweeter word e'er charmed my ear
None to my heart was e'er so dear;
A fountain of eternal youth,
A tower of strength, a rock of truth.

Varsity, dear Varsity
Thy loyal children we will be.
Thy loyal, loyal children we will be!

A big win for the Bearcats against a Big East, Top 25 opponent.

I understand the folks in Knoxville are already talking about hiring Brian Kelly to replace Phil Fulmer, who announced that he will resign at the conclusion of the season. Let's hope Coach Kelly can resist Tennessee's siren song. Coach Kelly: do you really want to listen to "Rocky Top" a million times each season? And no one looks good in orange. Remember this: black is slimming. Orange makes you look like the Great Pumpkin.

And to my Vol friends: Wyoming? Really? You don't deserve Brian Kelly.

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